Choosing LED Lights is an Irresistable Trend

Choosing LED Lights is an Irresistable Trend
With the continuous innovation of the lighting industry, more advanced and competitive technologies are gradually showed. Compared with incandescent and fluorescent lighting, LED lights are more healthier, environmental friendly and consume much less energy. LED lights are becoming increasingly popular in residential and commercial areas as we look for sustainable alternatives in our daily life.  

Why do we choose LED lighting?

LED Lights Reduce Energy Consumption

Compared with traditional lights, the ENERGY consumption of LED lights is around 50%, and their service life is 40 times longer than that of traditional lights. Reductions in energy consumption have been crucial to reducing costs and the environmental impact on the Gain. Leds are also flexible, allowing them to vary in colour, intensity and temperature for different uses. This versatility and durability reduces the amount of lighting required for the project, thereby saving resources and costs. 

LED Lights are Good for Environment

Firstly, Incandescent bulbs contain mercury which is harmful for human and enviroment. The manufacturing and using of LED lamps does not release harmful chemicals, which ensures that people can use the lamps without damaging the environment. Secondly, LED lights produce significantly less heat and essentially remain at room temperature. As we use electricity more efficiently, less needs to be generated, meaning a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

LED Lights are Good for Your Health

LED lights are also beneficial to human health. It can produce different colors light, temperatures and intensities, which more closely mimic natural light. This is good for our health, as it balances and adjusts our natural circadian rhythms throughout the day, so we have a better chance of live in a healthier way.

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