How many lights are needed for residential lighting?


First of all, we need to know the main types of lamps.Commonly used is downlight, spot light, droplight, ceiling light and lamp belt 5 kinds.
Second, we need to know how the room is lit,in general (except for no main light design), we need:
A lamp used for main illumination + some atmosphere lighting(Used for beautiful, atmosphere foil lamp) + Some local functional lighting(Such as reading table lamps, night lights).


Living room

Main illumination:A ceiling light or droplight.
Atmosphere lighting:
TV wall area: Can do invisible lamp belt foil atmosphere.
Metope hangs picture area: Use the down light of 3 or so or shoot the light to make atmosphere illumination, highlight metope adornment.
Functional lighting: One floor lamp (if you have the habit of reading).

Dining room

Main illumination:Use a spotlight drop light,light up the desktop.
Atmosphere lighting:If dining-room edge has cabinet,can install lamp belt to make the illumination of atmosphere foil.




Main illumination:A ceiling light or Modelling droplight, it can be installed in the middle of the bedroom or the ceiling at the end of the corresponding bed.
Functional lighting:
Nightstand: Install 1 ~ 2 desk lamp or wall lamp, go to bed to read conveniently.
Wardrobe: Can be in the two sides of wardrobe interior, layer wear setting lamp belt supplementary lighting, look inside the closet.
Night lamp: Bedside can be set up induction corner lamp or lamp belt, used for night (especially the elderly and children).


Main illumination:One ceiling light or 3 ~ 4 spotlights (small area is enough).
Functional lighting:Can be above the counter and sink,or the storage area to install a spot lamp or lamp belt to increase the focus of light,Used for local lighting.




Main illumination:One ceiling light or 3 ~ 4 downlight.
Functional lighting:Mirror headlight can be installed above the mirror to do lighting.


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