How to Choose Suitable For Their Lamps And Lanterns?


Current lamps and lanterns,no matter be design,modelling,or the type of illuminant,parameter,become more and more complex and diverse,it is difficult for the average consumer to fully understand.On the other hand, in the face of various "routines" and "traps" in the lamp market, we often can not make a correct choice and selection.

Here, recommend a few how to choose the method of lamps and lanterns principle for your reference.


1,The style of lamps and lanterns should be consistent with the decoration style
Whether it is home decoration, or engineering decoration, there are differences in style, European, Chinese, Modern, Rural and so on, each has its own characteristics.When this asks us to be in choosing household and lamp to act the role of,no matter be colour,modelling,still be internal illuminant,want as far as possible with decorate a style consistent.Don't go for the flashy.

2,The light fixture is the right size for the room
The light fixture bigger and brighter is not always better.In fact, we need to decide the size of the lamps and lanterns and the wattage of the light source according to the size and area of the space.The size of the house divided by 30 is the diameter of the lamp; The height minus two meters is the maximum height of the lamp; 5W per square meter (in the case of leds) is the amount of brightness needed in the room.

3,Easy to install and clean
Before we pay for the purchase, we should have a general understanding of the installation method of lamps.Is it easy to install and use?How easy it is to clean the lamp and replace the light source in the future

Different rooms need lamps to have different functions.Generally speaking, the living room needs bright, rich lamps and lanterns, the bedroom needs low color temperature, not dazzling lamps and lanterns, children's room needs colorful, style "cute" lamps and lanterns, the bathroom needs concise, waterproof lamps and lanterns, the kitchen requires easy to wipe and clean the material of lamps and lanterns.

This is the most important.Don't buy lamps with no guarantee of quality or agency certification just because it's cheap.If the fire was caused by a problem with the quality of the light fixture, the loss would be outweighed.

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