What is Smart Lighting And What Are its Advantages?


what is smart lighting?
Intelligent lighting is a distributed wireless or wired control system composed of computer, wireless communication data transmission, computer intelligent information processing and energy-saving electrical control technologies. And under the premise of the preset program, according to the different time of day, outdoor illumination or the flow of people in the area to automatically control the lighting, in simple terms is a kind of decoration style, through intelligent lighting, can present a variety of different styles, which is the core value of intelligent lighting.
The advantages of smart lighting

1,One key controls the lighting of each space in the home

Under the intelligent lighting system, the user can simultaneously control the lighting switch, lighting and shading of various Spaces such as living room, dining room and bedroom. And, whether it is night rest, or go out during the day, do not have to worry about whether you forgot to turn off the light, because, on the phone, you can see the home which light forgot to turn off, the brightness is how much.

2,Home lamps and lanterns, timing switch

After installing the intelligent lighting system, we can customize the switch of lamps and lanterns according to the living habits of individuals and families. For example, if you get up at 7:00 A.M. every morning, you can set the lighting in your bedroom in advance so that the lamps and lanterns are slowly turned on to a suitable brightness after 7:00 a.m. and be about to sleep in late night when, you can set again, let lamps and lanterns close automatically after a few, perhaps close slowly.


3,Light and shade of lamps and lanterns are adjusted at will

You can adjust lamplight to brightness, create comfortable, harmonious, warm, cheerful atmosphere. Additional, below can dimmer light system only,the light of lamps and lanterns can become bright gradually,dim gradually,can avoid illuminant to be damagen by the abrupt change of temperature so,extend illuminant life then.

4,The scene mode can be set and adjustable with one key 

it can be customized programming according to individual needs, living habits, set as a fixed situation mode, when needed, choose a good after opening on the line.  For example, you can set: go home mode, leave home mode, guest mode, reading mode, dining mode, sleep mode and so on.

5,energy conservation and environment protection

Intelligent dimming can make the light of lamps and lanterns can be used more rationally, saving 20-40% electricity, avoiding unnecessary waste and even light pollution.

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