Precautions for daily operation of lamps and lanterns


When your lights break often,the service life is shorter than other peoples lamps,some usage habits need to be noted.

  1. If the lighting place temporary power failure,lighting appliances should be switched off,Wait until the power is normal and then open,avoid sudden power supply large impact on electrical appliances,affect the service life of lamps and lanterns.
  1. When multiple sets of lighting appliances are turned on,switches should be turned on separately,do not control too many lamps or too wide a lighting area through a set,this will also have an impact on the service life of the lamp.
  1. When the lighting place is working normally,avoid temporary use of excessive power consumption equipment.When this type of device is turned on or off,the service life of lamps and lanterns is affected.
  1. Detect and control supply voltage,prevent voltage from being too high or too low,these will affect the normal working life of lamps and lanterns,serious will directly damage the lamp.
  1. Pay attention to the ventilation of the lamp installation area,periodic cleaning.


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