What is The Color Rendering Index ( CRI ) of The Light Source?


Color rendering index is a common method to define color rendering of light source,It is a measure of the degree to which the light source presents the color of the object, that is, the fidelity of the color.The light source with high color rendering index is better, and the color we see is closer to the natural primary color (the color under the sun),The color rendering index of light source with low color rendering is poor, and the color deviation we see is also large.

The International Council on Illumination (CIE) assigns a color index of 100 to sunlight.The color rendering index standard of light source in outdoor places is generally <80, and the color rendering index standard of light source in indoor places is generally >80.

What harm does the bulb with low color index have?

If you stay in the light with low color index for a long time, it will affect people's eyes to recognize the color of objects, resulting in the decline of color discrimination ability, resulting in color blindness, color weakness, myopia vision problems and various eye diseases.When buying the bulb of domestic illume so,for oneself and the health of family,want to choose to have a brand to have authentication,achieve the bulb of standard of color index,do not covet cheap.

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