Adjustable luminaires that allow users to control color temperature (K) and light intensity (W) are becoming increasingly popular! These luminaires are versatile and adaptable, so they can meet a wide range of needs. Distributors and contractors like their practicality, while end-users enjoy their simplicity; they can customize the luminaire to suit their needs.


Why are adjustable luminaires ideally suited for distributors, contractors and customers?

Color temperature and light intensity can be varied to suit different requirements!

This can be a dual solution: reduce your stock, while offering a multi-functional light. As a result, lighting fixtures that vary in color and power can cater to a broader customer base attraction. WHY keep 3 products on your shelves when one product can offer a wide selection?

Light fixtures with switchable wattage and Correlated Color Temperature (CCT) ensure adaptable performance for contractors. Assuming that when the contractor arrives on site and the customer changes his mind, the color temperature or light power can be modified by simply open the lampshade and toggle the color temperature switch, just like the picture on the right.

For end-user consumers, the adaptability of CCT can meet the requirements of consumers at different situations, and customers can enjoy DIY settings. Maybe in the summer, they prefer the cool 5000K. Or in the winter, they prefer the warm 3000K. Also they just need to toggle the switch to change the CCT.

 If you do not know how to choose the right color temperature, you can consult our article on the introduction of color temperature: https://www.worbest.com/what-is-color-temperature-.html?group_id=2060