Color temperature selection for residential lighting


Color temperature, simply speaking is the cold light or warm light of the space, from the Angle of eye protection, home color temperature is directly controlled in 2700K ~ 4000K is more appropriate, choose a light with a low color temperature for environments where you need to relax and a light with a high color temperature for areas where you need to focus. What kind of light should be used in each space? Let's take a look at the picture to see the effect of different color temperatures.




Suggestion: 2700K - 3000K
Suitable for use in the bedroom, we need only weak demand for lighting, warm light is easy to create a warm lazy sleep environment, can reduce tension, friendly to insomnia crowd.


Living room & Dining room

Suggestion: 3500K - 4000K
Create is the same as the sun irradiation like visual effect, elegant atmosphere, but also do not break warm. As the reception and dining area of the home, it must be comfortable, bright and refreshing.




Bathroom & Kitchen

Suggestion: 3500K - 4000K
The overall atmosphere of the bathroom and kitchen is still warm and quietly elegant, so it is suggested that the overall illumination is the same as the living room, 3500-4000K.


Study room & Working area

Suggestion:Around 4000 K(In the premise of eye protection is not recommended too high).
The attention that can raise the person when color temperature is taller, can use at local make functional illumination, for example in the study,kitchen work station,toilet does the area that the area such as area needs to concentrate attention, do not suggest large area is used, can appear inside house too too cold chill, not enough warmth.



 You can also buy adjustable color temperature lamps, cold light and warm light free choice, that is of course better.

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